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What is Aramid Cloth?

Aramid cloth is a type of fabric made from aramid fibers, which are synthetic fibers known for their high strength and heat-resistant properties. Aramid fibers are commonly used in various industrial and military applications, including aerospace, automotive, and protective gear.

Aramid fabric is often used to make protective clothing and equipment, such as body armor, gloves, and helmets. It is also used in the manufacturing of reinforced composites for aerospace and automotive applications.

Aramid fibers are made from long-chain polyamide molecules, which are aligned in a crystalline structure that gives the fibers their high strength and heat resistance. Aramid cloth is known for its exceptional resistance to abrasion, cutting, and tearing, as well as its ability to withstand high temperatures without melting or degrading.

Differences between Aramid Cloth and Kevlar Fabric

Kevlar fabric is a specific type of aramid fabric made from aramid fibers produced by the company DuPont. Aramid cloth is a more general term that refers to any type of fabric made from aramid fibers, including Kevlar fabric. Therefore, Kevlar fabric is a subset of aramid cloth. While Kevlar is known for its exceptional strength and heat resistance, other types of aramid fabric may have slightly different properties depending on their specific manufacturing process and intended use.

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