Color Aramid Fiber

Color aramid fiber

Color aramid fiber

100% Para Aramid filament yarn for military and civil use

Colored aramid fiber is a para-aramid fiber produced by dope coloring in the spinning process. It has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus, high color fastness, tear resistance, heat insulation and flame retardancy. At present, eight color systems have been developed, including black, gray, navy blue, army green, orange red, national flag red, sky blue, emerald green, which are widely used in the fields of personal protection, communication optical cables, and composite materials.

Colored Kevlar Fiber

Aramid fiber is short for “aromatic polyamide fiber”. It is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber with excellent properties such as ultra-high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, high acid and alkali resistance and light weight. The fiber’s strength is 5 to 6 times of steel wires while the modulus is 2 to 3 times of steel wire or glass fiber. Furthermore, the toughness is double compared with the steel wire. But in terms of the weight, it takes only 1/5 of that of the steel wire. It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time. When the temperature reaches 450°C, it will begin to carbonize.

Filament is made of PPTA polymer. It presents high performance in various production processes due to its competitive and excellent properties in strength, weight and durability.

Filament also possesses of low flammability and excellent thermal stability, enabling its mechanical strength decay within 20% under 200°C, which is important in heat protection, friction and sealing fields.

To meet varied requirements of manufacturers, we provide complete and customized solution by applying wide range of linear densities and yarn counts, also available in different colors.

Specification Linear Density Breaking Strength Elastic Modulus Break Elongation Oil Rate Moisture Rate Color
[D] [g/d] [Gpa] [%] [%] [%]
PT201 400





≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Black
PT202 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Gray
PT203 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Navy Blue
PT204 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Army Green
PT205 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Orange Red
PT206 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 National Flag Red
PT207 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Sky Blue
PT208 ≥20 ≥32 ≥65 0.8 7 Emerald Green


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